UGolf Media have extensive experience working with tourist boards across the world

We empathise with companies involved in the golf tourism market indeed all stakeholders whose objective it is to attract golf tourists to their destination can benefit from UGolf Media's expertise. But in the 21st century they face many challenges on many fronts with the global recession still taking its toll and the reducing number of active golfers globally however UGolf Media are able to deliver a high quality service in an extremely cost effective way.

Slide through the gallery below to view just some of the ways in which we can help...

Marketing your golf courses visually

As they say 'a picture paints a thousand words' but in the context of golf courses they have an encyclopaedic value and it cannot be underestimated the effect they have in seducing golf tourists from far and wide to experience for themselves the magic of playing golf in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

However even those golf courses that are not blessed with scenery to die for can still use the skills of UGolf Media to visually present a destination in a seductive way. Golfers are no different to any other tourist in that there can be a wide variation in what they're looking for in a golf holiday from the quality of the golf courses to the quality of accommodation and nightlife to the local culture and historical sights.

There is also the 'sub conscious' factor where golfers will automatically assume that because they've never heard anyone talk about a particular destination in golfing terms that the golf courses and experience would quite simply not be worth the risk!

The picture shown above is a classic example of this where one would assume the vast majority of golfers would never think of having a golf holiday and that being the city of Innsbruck in Austria. The city that is known throughout the world as a winter sports destination, and is in fact famous for giving the world snowboarding, is as this picture testifies, a fabulous golfing destination and the Mieminger Plateu golf course is absolutely spectacular sitting right underneath the Alps providing a once in a lifetime experience for golfers.

Capturing the mood of a destination...

If you think about it our memories are almost always visual. This is particularly relevant to the very special moments in our lives where our minds will instantly recall an image as we sit and reflect on those moments in times long since gone but never forgotten.

It is the ability to capture in an image the moments that our future may hold for us that is perhaps the most crucial aspect of what UGolf Media endeavours to achieve through the lense with the specific objective of creating in a golfers mind the overall experiences a destination will provide and to be a big part of their future memories.

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