Give your golf course the SKY TV treatment!

Golf fans are enthralled with the superb coverage that we now have for golf both on the US PGA and European Tours. Commonplace on all these events are the animated holes which give the viewing golfer a "fly thru" of every hole where the graphics are of an extremely high quality. They are designed to portray the hole just as the naked eye would see it and in our view this is achieved with quite stunning results.

UGolf Media take several hundred photographs whilst on location and can very easily construct a hole by hole guide that will seamlessly flow through each hole. This is designed to be left running when no live TV programs are being shown and will very often be a talking point for golfers when sitting having a relaxing drink or meal after their round.

Given the captive audience of visitors to the area then this becomes a perfect platform for local advertisers to target affluent people whether that be a property developer or car rental company the ability to target high net worth individuals is always given serious consideration by potential advertisers. If a golf club requests UGolf Media to incorporate adverts into the presentation then we can do this at no cost for the initial production of the presentation and an administration fee in future years if the adverts are to be amended or a new advertiser comes on board. By including advertising it will minimise the investment for the club in the first year and provide long term revenues in future years as it will be a renewable service.

We can also provide a Tourist Board with an interactive presentation of the golf courses in a destination which can be used as a promotional video or provided to hotels and other sources to help promote the golf courses. Each golf club page will have a QR Code which when scanned will take the golfer to the golf club's website.

We have provided demos of our animated fly overs which you can view by clicking on the images below. The first is the basic fly over which provides a players eye view, the second is the same as the basic fly over but with and advertising hoarding at the back of the green and the third is as if viewing the hole as an eagle would together with an advertising hoarding at the back of the green.

To find out how cost effective an animated fly over presentation would be for your golf club or a Tourist Board interactive presentation then contact UGolf Media for a quotation