Interactive yardage books can provide memories for golfers!!

Yardage books are designed to help visiting golfers to play the golf course and in many cases they are a very high quality product and so it is only natural that golfers will retain them as a keepsake to remind them of their golf vacation and how well they played.

Indeed there will be many a golfer who will bring the book it out whenever the right moment occurs to tell stories about the "fantastic" round they had and be keen to refer to the images in the yardage book.

So this presents another opportunity to use a QR Code to make the book interact with the golfers Smartphone and in doing so, and with some creative thinking, present data to the golfer that will seduce him into coming back to play at the club again and encouraging him to tell his friends and family by sending links on social networks.

There are numerous ways in which the QR Code can be set up a few of which are as follows;

  • Place a QR code on each hole which when scanned runs a video of that hole
  • Link to a promotional video of the club
  • Link to a list of accommodation providers close to the golf club
  • Link to register for special offers early notification mailing list
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