Going back to the late 1970’s, a group of four friends, two British and two French, all members of the real estate industry based in Paris at the time and sharing a common passion for golf, created an association called A G P I ( Association de Golf des Professions Immobilieres).

This association now called AGPROIMMO is still very active in Paris, with 150 members , all belonging to the various professional categories composing the Real Estate industry.

In 2013, two of the original board members, Alain Sarfatti and Richard Wax created R E I G S (Real Estate International Golf Society) in Shanghai, with a special focus on business relationship between China, France and the USA

In 2018, the story goes on with the arrival of Chuck Kinder , a US GOLF Tour Operator based in Laguna Beach , California, Founder - Owner of Best4Golf and UK-based Brian Foster, Founder-Owner of UGolf Media, bringing a modern digital technology communication to the Club.

During all those years, a significant number of real estate professionals, all avid golfers have been building a solid “camaraderie" network regrouped under the REIGS banner, and proud of its slogan : “WHEN BUSINESS MEETS PASSION“