UGolf Media prides itself on dedication to its clients irrespective of whether they are a tourist board representing the interests of thousands of golf courses or the smallest of golf clubs all of who demand delivery of high value products to market their courses to the golf tourist.

UGolf Media was formed in early 2010 and its embryonic stages has been through probably the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930's. Not to be daunted by these difficult times where Tourist Boards have had to deal with budget cuts and golf clubs/resorts in falling membership and declining tourist numbers, UGolf Media has used this time constructively to develop its range of products and services.

It is interesting to note however that during this same period we have witnessed huge advances in communications technologies with the introduction of the Apple Smartphone in July of 2007 which opened up tremendous opportunites in the golf market. UGolf Media have embraced these changes to help its clients market their golf courses more effectively. We assure our clients that we will always have one eye on technology and how rapid developments in that market can assist golf courses to gain an edge in the competitive world of golf tourism.

All of our clients can be assured of one thing that we will always strive to deliver what you want!

The man behind UGolf Media

Brian Foster
Born in the heart of the county of Shropshire in 1952 Brian was a keen sportsman and when failing eyes resulted in the wearing of spectacles football took a back to seat to golf which he eventually took up professionally in his early twenties. Shropshire was always considered as a bit of a backwater for golf and it never really had any success on the national stage but then within a short period of time it produced two of the world's best golfers each winning the Masters at Augusta. Both Sandy Lyle and Ian Woosnam heralded from the county of Shropshire. Although not actually playing regularly anymore Brian has an obvious empathy with the game and understands completely what a golfer wants to see in a golf course. This helps considerably in constructing the range of products UGolf Media have which together with his natural creativity and eye for a good photograph means that he has the perfect combination of skills.