The special relationship between the Real Estate Industry and the World of Golf goes back mainly to the 19th & 20th century

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine building a golf course any place in the world without including a residential housing development into it or at least a hospitality complex !

Our Core Business is Relationships

Through special events we create and manage such as:
*Cocktail Mixers, Tournaments, Seminars, Conferences and Monthly Newsletter
*Facilitating business between members of our REIGS Society
*Bringing through our events an “added value to membership“ as well as providing a natural business platform to your Customer Relationship Management Service
*Building up “Camaraderie” that the uniqueness of the Game of Golf can bring about.

Please visit our website www.ugolfmedia.com REIGS

MEMBERSHIP to our REIGS Society is BY INVITATION ONLY and exclusively reserved for corporations and firms specialised in the Real Estate Industry, illustrated in the golf ball chart below: