Linking the print and digital worlds !!

We are at the dawn of an exciting era where the linking of the old established methods of delivering news and information can be integrated with the new to produce exceptional opportunties for those organisations that have the vision to embrace that future and make it part of their marketing and operational strategy.

The introduction of interactive print, which is a newly developed cross-media printing service linkingtraditional printed materials with rich online content via your customer’s Smartphone or Tablet device, will change the way organisations plan their strategies for the simple reason that it has the ability to enhance and captivate the readers experiences because it can interact immediately with them.

This experience starts once customers download the free App and point their Smartphone or tablet at the specially prepared pages. The App identifies these pages and automatically launches interactive services on a customer’s portable device. Whilst it can be compared to QR Code technology it shouldn’t be as you can create so much more. Each scanned image can enable the instant launch of up to six multimedia services of your choice including websites, social media, and video.

There are countless opportunities for adding high quality interactive content to printed materials and whilst we have moved headlong into the new world of digital media millions of organisations across the world still print high quality brochures for distribution to their branches or retailer network and also for exhibitions and trade fairs.

National, Regional and City Tourist Boards, Tour Operators

This is none more evident than with Tourist Boards and Travel Operators where high quality brochures still play a significant role but who can now utilise this technology to run promotional videos, social network links, capture customer data through surveys and reviews, provide accommodation searches and countless other information gateways would be opened up with the interactive capabilities this technology provides... ALL OFF THE PAGE!!

However perhaps one of the most captivating uses of the technolgy especially for those Tourist Boards who have a mandate to promote their golf tourism sector, is the ability for a golfer to scan the brochure pages devoted to golf and be immediately seduced by the ambience of the courses through high quality video and hole by hole guides that allow the golfer to walk the fairways of a regions golf courses. These seductive techniques can only enhance the likelihood that the golfer will book a golf holiday.

Golf Resorts / Clubs

Golf resorts can and often do devote a large part of their marketing budget to printed brochures, leaflets and flyers and whislt this has diminished over the last few years the introduction of interactive print can provide endless opportunities to increase their customer database by linking printed materials with their Facebook and Twitter pages, running campaigns direct from the page and even make their print advertising interactive!

Precisely the same can be said for golf clubs who will still advertise on a local and perhaps even a national basis through the golf magazines, print the occasional flyer and leaflet and maybe have a club brochure to celebrate upcoming events or celebrations such as centenaries, etc. making these interactive could have quite dramatic results and the applications of this technology is only limited by one’s imagination.

Interactive scorecards for example present all sorts of opportunities!!

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