Targeting golfers will bring its rewards!

Things a bit slow weekday mornings... members not spending like they used to in the clubhouse... losing revenues to tee time companies?

Why not take back some control by using modern marketing methods such as a Loyalty scheme which encourages visiting golfers to come back again and again, members to encourage more use of the clubhouse, or by targeting non golfers through local press adverts to get free golf lessons or by working with local retailers to develop attractive loyalty schemes !

These are all sensible ideas designed to increase revenues I hear you say but where are the modern methods in this!

Well everyone seems to have a Smartphone these days and the facts are that a golfer is going to read a text message within 5 seconds of receiving it whereas they're more likey to delete an email! So it makes a lot of sense to send details of your loyalty scheme by SMS and because messages can provide links to the full range of multimedia you would be amazed at how quickly golfers would join with a well planned campaign which UGolf Media would help develop.

You may have considered, either on your own or in partnership with other local golf clubs, developing your own Loyalty Card scheme but been put off by the high costs involved in the administration of such a campaign never mind the concerns over security and fraudulent use.

This is where UGolf Media can really help golf clubs with our Info Quick platform by putting together a loyalty scheme built around your specific requirements, exclusive to your golf club and easily managed from within the platform.

The Info Quick codes used for the scheme will be 100% unique and non transferable, plus the scanning and use of mobile codes and tickets are single use removing the chances of fraud and redistribution.

Call UGolf Media today & find out more about developing Loyalty Schemes for your club !