Going back to the late 1970’s, a group of four friends, two British and two French, all members of the real estate industry based in Paris at the time and sharing a common passion for golf, created an association called A G P I ( Association de Golf des Professions Immobilieres).

This association now called AGPROIMMO is still very active in Paris, with 150 members, all belonging to the various professional categories composing the Real Estate industry.

In 2013, two of the original board members, Alain Sarfatti and Richard Wax created R E I G S (Real Estate International Golf Society) in Shanghai, with a special focus on business relationship between China, France and the USA

In 2018, the story goes on with the arrival of Chuck Kinder, a US GOLF Tour Operator based in Laguna Beach , California, Founder - Owner of Best4Golf and UK-based Brian Foster, Founder-Owner of UGolf Media, bringing a modern digital technology communication to the Club.

During all those years, a significant number of real estate professionals, all avid golfers have been building a solid “camaraderie" network regrouped under the REIGS banner, and proud of its slogan: “ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS“